Baby Shower: Saline Drops

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Help with the Baby Shower Registry

S. asks from Dallas

Ok Here is my problem. I have a baby who will be 2 in June and i am expecting my second baby in June ( actually on my DD birthday) So pretty much have all the ...


Looking for Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

E.S. asks from Mansfield

I am looking for a few unique baby shower gift ideas. The shower is in a couple of weeks. It's their first baby and they don't know the baby's sex. I just don't wa...


Sick Baby

B.R. asks from Washington DC

My lil girl is 7 months and 3 weeks old. SHe has been very conguested and running a fever off and on for the last three weeks. I take her to the doctor but he said it...


Baby Congestion

A.W. asks from Kansas City

My son is 5 months old and his nose has been congested for about 1 1/2 weeks. I suction and give him saline drops but nothing loosens it up. I thought it might be a s...


Stuffy Nose

G.M. asks from Austin

My 3 1/2 month old has A stuffy nose. I have tried suctioning her nose with saline drops but nothing comes out. Any thing I can do?


7Wk Old with Cold

C.M. asks from Madison

My 7wk old boy has his first cold and is vary stuffed up. I have a humidifier and saline drops for his nose. Any other advice on how to releive his stuffyness would b...


I'm Trying to Register for My Baby Shower and I Don't Know What I Need...

R.R. asks from San Francisco

There are so many "must-have" baby things out there that I have no idea what is really helpful vs. what is not as important. If you could respond with baby products ...


Nasal Decongestant Ideas for 18 Month Old

J.D. asks from Grand Rapids

My 18 month old is so stuffed up, she can't breathe, she can't sleep and is miserable from a common cold. Is there anything else I can give/do for her besides saline...


Advice on How to Unclog a Stuffy Nose

J.B. asks from Fayetteville

My 3 month old is pretty congested. I've been putting saline drops in her nose and giving her Triaminic thin strips decongestant. Is there anything else I can do so s...


7 Month Old Super Congested..

R.A. asks from Chicago

Anyone have any extra advice on helping with congestion? I have done the humidifier, warm shower steam, and saline drops in the nose. Going to try baby rub on the b...