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Jogging Stroller Advice

i am the mother of a 2 month old and have been walking in my neighborhood for the past few weeks. i am hoping to increase to jogging in the near future, but find my standard stroller (a graco, part of a 'travel system') unwieldy for such things. i walk/jog in my neighborhood on smooth roads w/ occasional gravel. is a jogging stroller a good investment or a gimic?

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Looking for a Used Baby Jogging Stroller

Are there any Moms in the St. Louis area who might have a used baby jogging strolling that they would like to sell. I don't want to buy a new one just in case my two year old won't sit long enough in it for me to get good use out of it. Or if anyone knows where I could find one at a second hand sporting goods store. I'd rather not go the ebay route. Thanks for any help. J.


Stride Rite Shoes

My daughter is 10 months and trying to learn to walk. I am wondering where...