Baby Shower: Infant, Pampers

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Pampers - Dry Max Vs. Baby Dry??

We are looking for a new brand of diapers as Target brand hasn't been working out for us all of a sudden. Does anyone know what the difference is between Pampers Dry Max and Pampers Baby Dry? I recall hearing some bad things about Dry Max, did that mess get cleared up or are they still a problem? Thanks for any info!


Baby Shower or Not

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Adoption Baby Shower

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2Nd Baby Shower?

A good friend is expecting her second child and I would like to give her...

Registry & Gift Ideas

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Need Baby Registry Advice!

I am just getting ready to create a baby registry for baby showers etc. and I don't know what to add to it! There are so many different products and so many brands to choose from. I would love any advice anyone can give me as far as what gifts they used or liked the most, (and what brands they prefer) that would be good to register for. Thanks!