Baby Shower: First Response

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Ooops Baby

I.A. asks from Rochester

Hi Moms, I am 10 weeks pregnant for the second time and my first baby just turned 1 last week. I am having hard time dealing with this second pregnancy, I was so NO...


Question About Letting Baby Cry Himself to Sleep

S.B. asks from Amarillo

My baby boy is 9 months old. He was breastfed but is now on solid food and drinks formula. He wakes up 1-2 times a night to drink formula and goes back to sleep. He ...


Aunt and Uncle Might Get Their First ADOPTIVE Baby!!!

C.P. asks from Dallas

Let me start off by saying I am sooo excited right now! This will be my first cousin on my moms side of the family. My Aunt and Uncle start the process of adopting a ...


Baby's Poo Burned Her Bottom :(

K.J. asks from Orlando

My 15month old daughter had a poo that burned her bottom so badly there are even 2 small spots where the skin is a little broken from blistering. Has anyone experienc...


Light Reading on Pregnancy Test!!

M.L. asks from Dallas

Hello Ladies, I recently took a Pregnancy test...I am late on my period and I ended up getting sick with a cold or something like that. I mean I had a sore Throat...


Suggestions Needed for Getting Kids to Wash Themselves Better in the Tub

D.W. asks from Milwaukee

Can anyone recommend a soap that's easy for toddlers to use for themselves? I have gotten those washclothes that have soap in them but my kids have the tendency to ju...


Funky 7 1/2 Year Old Boy!

L.U. asks from Seattle

My son is 7 1/2. A couple of days ago he had a shower in the morning and then we went and visited my mom in the afternoon. When she went to hug him she looked at me...


What to Do with Old Greeting Cards

S.H. asks from Fort Smith

This is a rather silly question, but what do you do with cards you have received from friends and family? I know that for Xmas cards to recycle them with some childr...



B.M. asks from Portland

My sister in law recently found out that her ex husbands new giirlfriend was determined to potty train my barely 2 yr old neice. She was definately showing signs of ...


Tacky Registry?

L.O. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms I have a half-sister that will be having her first child this November. We usually communicate through email and text messages, as we are not very close. Her...