Baby Shower: Diaper Champ

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Over Run by Weddings (Need Gift Ideas ASAP)

S.F. asks from Utica

So I have 5 weddings and 2 baby showers to attend in the next few months. One of which is this weekend and I still dont have gifts for any of them. We went out yest...


Help! New Mom to Be Looking for Advice.

M.B. asks from Toledo

I'm looking for any advice and recommendations from all of you moms out there. This is our first child and I'm not sure which items I should buy or avoid. I'd particu...


Advice on What I Really Need!

M.K. asks from Syracuse

I'm expecting my first baby in December...just looking for some advice/recommendations on what I will definitely need right away in terms of supplies/gear. Also- wou...


I Am Am Boggled - Please Help Me Get a List Together of the Basic Big Ticket Ite

J.R. asks from Dallas

Hello! Going to the store is boggling! There are SO many things that I am not sure exactly what we need.. and is it ok to get them at consighnment stores? Here...


Cloth Diapers

K.G. asks from Kansas City

I have a friend who is considering using cloth diapers for her 3rd baby but we don't know anyone personally done besides our parents. I was wondering if there was an...


What's Your Number One, Must-have Product?

S.M. asks from New York

Our baby is due the end of July. We live in just under 500sq ft, a normal one bedroom in Manhattan. The only thing we have in the apartment for the baby is the crib, ...


If You Had to Do It All over Again, What Would You NOT Buy?

M.O. asks from Sacramento

Hi mamas! I have two munchkins that broke the bank - I bought everything "they" said I needed and then some. With the economy the way that it is, is there anything ...


The Great Diaper Debate !

S.B. asks from Gainesville

Hello mamas ! I'd love to hear everyones diaper advice. I've heard so many different opinions on brands, however I want to start stocking up before I have baby and am...


Opinion on Diaper Pails

E.N. asks from Toledo

I'm looking to see what people thought of there diaper pails. We had the diaper genie for our son. I didn't think it really worked. His room seemed to always smell...


Alternatives to Diaper Genie?

C.C. asks from Richmond

I just had twins who are still in the hospital. My sister thought the diaper genie was a waste and that the smell would still get out, plus you need special bags for...