Baby Shower: Albuterol

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Can I Give Liquid Albuterol and Benedryl to My 2Month Old?

S.2. asks from Bakersfield

Obviously, I'd call her doctor if was around or a pharmacist but they're all closed. My daughter was prescribed liquid albuterol for her cough on Friday but its no...


Baby with

A.S. asks from San Antonio

my baby is between medical insurances, and I have no money to take him to a dr... he is congsted, and missirible. he is 11 weeks old, and weighs 12 lbs. does anyone...


Anyone's Baby on Prednisolone

J.Z. asks from New York

Hi all! My little man has been wheezing and has an upper respitory infection. The Dr just prescribed Prednisolone for the next 3 days. I haven't started it yet. Has a...


Baby with Terrible cough..need Help!!

C.T. asks from Jacksonville

Hi, my 13 month old daughter has a cold with a terrible cough. My poor baby is miserable. She has had the cough for about 5 days now. I took her to her pediatrician ...


Help-Baby's First Cold.

K.P. asks from Columbia

My daughter just came down with her first cold and of course, it's breaking my heart. She had a low grade fever yesterday and woke up this morning very congested -bu...


Baby Has Been Sick with Virus for Three Weeks! Has This Happened to You?

A.S. asks from San Francisco

My darling 4.5 month old daughter has been sick for 3 weeks! I am getting worried and am sooo tired of her being sick. I just want her to get better. She has never "a...


Baby with Really Croupy Cough

A.K. asks from Providence

I have a 9 month old, and she tends to get really bad colds when she is teething, and about to cut a tooth. First of all, is that normal? and second, Last night we wo...


Sick Baby's = Sad Mommy

C.L. asks from Los Angeles

Ihave a soon to be 1 year old and a 3year old that i took to the doctor yesterday for a cold and cough. Well there doctor was not able to see them so we went to urge...


My Baby Is Sooo Sick

D.A. asks from New York

ok i might be a little paranoid but my daughter is 5 months and she has had a fever of 102.4 yesterday and 2 days ago as well she has a bad cough and lots of phlem an...


Why Won't My Baby's Cold Go Away?

D.B. asks from Fresno

My son is 10 months old and has had cold symptoms consistently since he started going to daycare at 3 months of age. His symptoms vary and come and go but I can not ...