Baby Names: Albuterol

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Baby with

A.S. asks from San Antonio

my baby is between medical insurances, and I have no money to take him to a dr... he is congsted, and missirible. he is 11 weeks old, and weighs 12 lbs. does anyone...


Why Won't My Baby's Cold Go Away?

D.B. asks from Fresno

My son is 10 months old and has had cold symptoms consistently since he started going to daycare at 3 months of age. His symptoms vary and come and go but I can not ...



C.C. asks from Chicago

My son is 17 months old and has been diagnosed with asthma. He was born 3 months premature so he has chronic lung disease, which makes it worse for him to have asthm...


4 Year Old with Allergies and Asthma

C.R. asks from Cleveland

Hi,my 4 year old has had the worst time this year with her asthma...she has been on alll the over the counter stuff and most of the persription too. nothing seems to ...


11 Month Old Prescribed Pulmicort

L.C. asks from Athens

My 11 month son who wheezes from time to time had a recheck on his ear infection today. Well he was wheezing today and the doctor prescribed Pulmicort to use in his ...


6 Mo Old with Asthma

F.M. asks from Kansas City

I was looking over the other questions, and read the one about the 1yo. Now, I have med names that I can evaluate, if it comes down to it. My son is on Albuterol, 3-4...


9 Month Old with a Cold and Cough

N.L. asks from Los Angeles

Hi. I have a 9 1/2 month old baby boy who has had a cough now for a couple of weeks and has just started with a stuffed up nose. At his last check up, the doctor di...


Zithromax for Cough???

H.O. asks from Columbus

hi 5 month old still is coughing(esp at night), has wheezing, chest congestion(phlegm) but no fever for almost a month now...hes doctor prescribe vent exp, ...


Pulmacort and Abuterol Anyone Have a Child on Nebulizer....

K.C. asks from Syracuse

My 3 1/2 son has viral induced asthma. When he is on the nebulizer he is a completely different child. He crys over everything, super emtional and crazy moody. The do...



K.C. asks from Detroit

Hi mamas, I am 7 months preg with my third, Never once had I got the flu shot. My kids are 12 and 7 and I am 30. Never once have we gotten the flu. THIS IS NOT TO...