Baby Monitors: Teddy Bears

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Urgent - Seeking Advice on Monitoring Home Care Worker

C.O. asks from New York

Hi! My Mom, My best friend, is very ill. She requires 24 hour care and is now unable to speak or effectively communicate, much like a baby. I am extremely concerne...


Gift for Big Brother When Baby Brother Arrives

M.W. asks from Dallas

I've seen some other requests similar to mine but they were mainly for girls and most suggested dolls for the older sibling as a gift from the baby. Well I am almost...


Baby Registry Is Making Me Insane Today

K.E. asks from Birmingham

Ok, maybe I'M just insane today (caught hubby muttering under his breath that hormones and OCD do NOT mix, can't say I blame him). I swear I'm normally NOT this much...


Getting a Baby to Sleep Longer Through the Night.

M.H. asks from Dallas

Just wondering if anyone had any tips, techniques, advice on getting a baby to sleep longer through the night. I have a 7 week old who was sleeping 5 to 6 hours thro...


When to Move Baby to Crib

A.J. asks from Phoenix

How long did you keep your babies in their bassinet in your room? My daughter is 4 months old and doesn't sleep in our bed, but she sleeps in her pack and play next t...


Pillows in Bed with Baby

D.F. asks from St. Louis

Ok ladies, I care for children in my home. My policy has always been no pillows in bed with children under 18 mo. However I have one mother who insists that if I put ...


Transitioning from a Crib to a Bed - When??

M.W. asks from New York

Hi all! I have a 25 mo old daughter. She sleeps in her crib for naps and at night. She rarely cries at night (knock on wood) and sleeps all the way through...once ...


I Desperately Need Advice on How to Move My Toddlers into There Own Room...

B.W. asks from Los Angeles

Our 1 1/2 year old and 2 1/2 year old are still sleeping in our bedroom. I got pregnant when my son was only 5 months old, so he stayed upstairs w/ us longer than we ...


Help Stop Breatst Feeding and Get 8 Month Out of the Bed!

L.T. asks from Norfolk

Love my baby girl and have no problem leting her sleep in our bed. My man has not complained at all. But I know he is not really happy with it. It is just that I can ...


Mobiles or Crib-distractions

A.V. asks from Washington DC

My six month old son is having a hard time falling asleep on his own. Do any of you use mobiles/lights on the ceiling or anything like that to help your little ones g...