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Q Re: Angel Care Sleep Monitors

K.L. asks from Chicago

I am about to get an Angel Care sleep monitor and I've heard mostly great things about it. My only concern is that during the summer months my hubby and I have fans ...


Baby Monitor's

C.T. asks from Tampa

I just moved into a bigger house and now my two boys (ages 3 and 4) have their own rooms. I had a baby monitor in their room before, but I cant seem to find a baby mo...


Baby Monitor

K.Y. asks from Norfolk

Hi, I am looking into buying a new baby monitor. I am looking for one that you can use either an ac adaptor or batteries for both the baby unit/base and the paren...


Baby Monitor

J. asks from Phoenix

Good morning mama's. I am a 1st time mom with my little guy due the beginning of May. My husband & have done our registry but just realized we needed a monitor (th...


Perfect Monitor?

H.S. asks from Providence

I would love to get your feedback on what you would consider to be the perfect baby monitor. For example, I would love if they manufactured a monitor that would "stic...


SIDS Monitor

R.B. asks from Duluth

My son was diagnosed with acid reflux because he is snotty all the time. An ENT yesterday told us that they don't know what causes SIDS but that acid reflux is one of...


Recommendation for Baby Monitor

G.K. asks from Dallas

We are getting ready to have our second baby and I need to get a new baby monitor. it's been over 2 years since I've looked at these and wanted to get suggestions on...


When to Stop Using Baby Monitor?

A.M. asks from Lakeland

Hi Everyone, When do you think is the "right age" to stop using a baby monitor? I have a 2 year old that sleeps through the night and my husband and I are disagre...


Which Baby Monitor Do You Highly Recommend

V.D. asks from Dallas

I registered for a baby monitor that has gotten horrible reviews. Could you share with me which baby monitor is by far the best. Our house is aprox. 2000 sq. ft. an...


Which Summer Infant Video Monitor?

K.C. asks from Los Angeles

Ok ladies, I need help. Baby # 2 is coming in 10 days and I still haven't chosen a new video monitor yet. I keep hearing that Summer Infant makes the best ones ri...