Baby Jar Foods: Toddler, Munchkin

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Munchkin Fresh Food Teether

J.A. asks from New York

Hello, my little boy just turned 7 months old. I received a two pk. of the Munchking mesh fresh food teethers for my shower and have still yet to use them. My baby ...


Finger Food for 14 Month Old & Sippy Cups

J.P. asks from Lexington

I have a 14 month old daughter who is a picky eater. I feel like I feed her the same things over and over every day. I can't find any vegetables she likes. She lov...


Baby Food Stages

T.C. asks from Miami

I started giving my 6 months baby food from the jar and I'm not sure at what months he should be changing from stage 1 to 2...3 (get the point). The jar doesn't say ...


16 Month Old Still on Bottle

T.R. asks from Indianapolis

I know, many of you may say I am a bad mom, but I put oatmeal and baby food in my son's milk. He is 16 months old and still HAS to have 7oz Milk, 1 jar 2nd Baby food ...


How Much Should I Feed My 20 Month Old Son?

D.J. asks from Terre Haute

Hello moms! My Matthew is a healthy little man. He is the absolutely joy in our world. But, I have a problem. We have had to take him to the pediatrician because of ...


Making Your Own Baby Food

E.M. asks from Terre Haute

Anyone who makes or has made their own baby food, can you please give me advice or suggestions on how to do so. I'd like to keep as much processed food out of my litt...


What Brand of Baby Food and Why?

K.S. asks from Grand Rapids

My daughter is almost 5 months old and we are getting ready to introduce solids. I was wondering what brand of baby food others have chosen and why? Also wondered a...


Making Baby Food

J.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hello mommies! I was wondering if any of you made your baby food. My little love is about 6 months and were are starting solids. Please share any tips, ideas, or re...


Homemade Baby Food Tools?

L.L. asks from Seattle

So my daughter is just starting rice cereal, and we plan to move on to other baby foods soon. I would like to make my own, however, we don't own a blender, food proc...


Anyone Make Their Own Baby Food?

D.P. asks from Milwaukee

Good Evening Ladies, I was wondering if any of you make or have made your own baby food? MY 6 month old is now starting solids and I thougt that it might be easier ...