Baby Jar Foods: Toddler

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Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar??

C.H. asks from Casper

Hello ladies! I was hoping that you can help me with some healthy ideas to replace the holiday sweets in my cookie jar? My mother-in-law bought me the cutest GIANT ma...


Homemade Vs. Jar Baby Food

S.F. asks from New York

Me again ;) Hey Moms! I make my own baby food for my daughter. Steamed veggies and fruits, blended. I did this with my first as well. My mother keeps saying "I bel...


9 Month Old Boy Refusing Solids (Baby Jar Food)

R.F. asks from Dallas

My 9 month old son has never been a great eater. He'd eat alot, but he was always slow and messy. In the last two weeks, though, he basically is refusing all solids (...


Giving Away Jar Baby Food

S.E. asks from Houston

For November and December, WIC will be giving my family 32 jars (each month) of baby food for my son (10.5 months old) who LOATHES jar baby food. We don't have a nee...


8-Month-old Only Eats Baby Food from a Jar

J.J. asks from Portland

Help! I really want to be able to start feeding my 8-month-old son homemade food, but he won't eat anything I make. I admit, I never should've started him out on ja...


Food for a 1 Year Old!

L.G. asks from Roanoke

My son is almost 1 year old, and still doesn't have much interest in any babyfood... Occassionally I can get him to eat some french fries or some type of cereal... an...


Breakfast for 17 Month Old

L.W. asks from Bloomington

Hello. I have a 17 month old daughter and I am wondering what to feed her for breakfast. Since she was a year, we have given her cheerios and then a Gerber 2nd Food...



J.L. asks from Boston

Any suggestions out there for food for a 1 year old who is sick of baby food. He eats maybe a few spoonfuls and then refuses it. He definitely wants to feed himself a...


How Can I Get My 10 Mo. Son to Eat Table Food-he Gags If Its Not Jar Food!

M.T. asks from New Orleans

Help with transitioning from baby food in jars to table food


Food Issues with My 22 Month Old

J.K. asks from Cleveland

My son is 22 months old and still eats baby food as his main food source. He will NOT eat anything with texture, but he will eat the lumpy stage 3's. He will eat pr...