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Flying with a Year Old- Gogo Kidz Travelmate or Toteatot???

J.N. asks from Davenport

I'm going to be flying with my year old at the end of Dec. I'm looking for ideas on whether to purchase on ebay a gogo kidz travelmate or a toteatot.. Has anyone used...


Any Comments About Hotslings?

A.A. asks from Chicago

Hi All, I just ordered my first hotsling for my 5 month old daughter. She weighs about 16lbs. I ordered the cotton pouch. I was just wondering if anyone has any...


Recommended Potty for Toddler Boys

J.W. asks from Charleston

Hi Moms, Do you have a recommendation for a potty for little boys (either stand alone or seat adapter)? We purchased 2 Baby Bjorn potty's (stand alone and seat ad...


Potty Training Suggestions

A.M. asks from Dallas

I've gotten my 3 year old son potty trained on the Baby Bjorn potty chair. He doesn't have any issues sitting on the big toilet seat, but of course, it isn't sized f...


Baby Carrier/Bad Back

E.H. asks from Minneapolis

I didn't regularly use a baby carrier with my first born due to having back problems and never finding a carrier that I liked (and that my daughter liked). Now with ...


Front Facing Baby Carrier

H.H. asks from Washington DC

I'm looking for a baby carrier for my 4 month old son that faces out since he's WAY curious about the world. I currently have the Baby Bjorn (hurts my back and NOT e...


Need Suggestions for Comfortable Baby Carrier

J.H. asks from Burlington

I am looking for advice on finding a really great baby carrier. I am expecting my second baby in early May and I have a 14 month old daughter. With my daughter we had...


Having Baby Number 2 - Want to Buy Right Stuff This Time!

J.O. asks from Orlando

I am on to baby number 2 due in May. My first daughter Rylee will be 2 in May as well. When Rylee came along I bought everything known to man - without researching ...


Boba Baby Carrier?

M.L. asks from Dallas

I have been looking into getting a new carrier for my son for quite some time. We have a Baby Bjorn but I find it uncomfortable and I know it's not good for his back...


Naps for a Three Month Old

C.K. asks from Atlanta

Hello all--I am seeking advice on a nap schedule for a three-month old. My daughter sleeps well at night in her crib (down by 8:30, wakes for one feeding around 3, t...