Autism Spectrum: Tween

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What Chores Do You Expect from Your 10 Year Old and What Discipline Do You Use

My 10 year old daughter is uncooperative when asked to assist around the house. There is a power struggle and attitude when asked to perform even simple tasks. Then everything escalates on both sides. I am curious what other moms are experiencing and what forms of discipline seems to be effective. I feel like our relationship is great as long as nothing is asked of her. She normally is a sweet considerate kid, until it's time for chores, then the fireworks start. What's normal?


Could It Be Autism?

i know a 2 year old who still does not talk, is overy irritable, clingy to...

Aspergers Syndrome

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Any Asperger's Moms Out There?

Hi all! My sisters 3 yr. old has been given a "possible asperger's" diagnosis with alot more testing to go.....she's in GA and I referred her to Mama source for her area for support but figured I'd see if anyone around here is familiar with or has a child with Asperger's.....seems to be relatively new and rare overall and she could really use contact with someone who's been through where she is right now....alot of fear, guilt, anxiety, denial, etc......well let me know if there are any of y'all out there who wouldn't mind sharing! thanks...

High Functioning

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Career High Functioning Autistic

My son is almost 13 yrs old and was dx with pdd-nos (now high functioning autism) .Hes in a private regular middle school and doing good. He also has auditory processing ds so very slow in math but Science and art is his strength. Math he s not at grade level and i don't expect him to be. Hes friendly and has many friends but does have social deficits specially when he meets a new person... I was wondering what are his career options based on his strength and how can I start prepping him at this age?