Autism Spectrum: Older Child

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Obsessive/compulsive/worry Type of Personality in a 6 Year Old

Hi everyone. I'd like to start by saying that my 6 year old is such a pleasant, beautiful kid. Over the past several months, we have noticed the worrying get out of hand. We have had to pull him out of activities due to his little fear of bodily injury. He was losing sleep anitipating when the next activity was going to be and would count the days. We felt it wasn't worth all that anxiety and decided to take him out and telling him (we didn't quit), but it was his choice when he will be him control. As I have been...


Could It Be Autism?

i know a 2 year old who still does not talk, is overy irritable, clingy to...

Aspergers Syndrome

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10 Year Old with Asperger's/ADHD

I have a 10 year old who has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome/ADHD. I am trying hard to be patient with him and understanding, however we just aren't getting it. He is a very sweet child and I am truly blessed to have him since our second child passed away at 3 days old from a genetic disorder. Our first child was normal and Matthew is the last one. I can't ever get to work on time. It is such a battle to get him up and try to get him to dress himself, so I do it so I can get out of the house. It is alot easier to dress him than to...

High Functioning

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Kids with High Functioning Autism or Aspergers

I always hear how people with autism are socially awkward. I feel there there are so many people with it and there is such a range than I am wondering are their any kids who are 'leaders' or 'team players' with this label? If your child is on the spectrum how do they make friends? One close friend a handful of superficial friends? I am most curious about high functioning autism (the ones that may be diagnosed later because they were not obvious to most doctors/educators). When I read up on it, it almost seems like all people could be on...