Autism Spectrum: Older Child

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Did anyone who has an autistic child see the news press conference about autism/vaccinations going to the courts today? The nurse and doctor that have...



I will try to keep this short but I want to provide as much info as possible to ...

Aspergers Syndrome

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If your child has Asperger's, when did you find out? My second daughter has issues, and, we've often suspected her having this. We very much conform t...


Asperger's Syndrome

My son was recently diagnosed (Aug.) with Asperger's. I contacted the school di...


Asperger's Syndrome

hi there Just wondering what any of you Mamas can tell me about Asperger's. I...


Asperger's Question

I have a question for any mom (or dad) with some knowledge or experience of Aspe...

High Functioning

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