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The Attitude Fine Line

D.B. asks from Detroit

My 5-year-old daughter was playing a game with my in-laws and telling them how the rules worked. She seemed to be constantly commenting or correcting them on everythi...


Am I Being Rude?

J.S. asks from Dallas

My daughter turns 13 in a couple of weeks and we are having a party for her at our house, all girls She made an invite list which included 2 of her cousins, same age,...


My Son Has a Mean and Rude Friend

M.H. asks from Phoenix

I have a son that is 7 1/2 years old. Our neighbor and him are both in 1st grade. We moved into our neighborhood about 2 years ago and they have been good friends eve...


When Other Kids Are Mean...

E.S. asks from Cleveland

My daughter is 6 years old. Her father, my ex-husband, was deployed in January and is currently in Kuwait. He is not expected to return until the end of the year. ...


How to Stop My Almost 4 Year Old from Whining and Talking Back to Me

K.W. asks from Phoenix

My daughter will be 4 in December and lately she has been whining about anything and everything. My son never went through this as much. When she doesn't get what she...


How to Interact with a Moody 2 Year Old?

R.D. asks from Greensboro

My son will be 2 years old in may. But been having alot of issues with behavior with him. He isn't sick, eats well! When he's mad at me he refuses food, or drink. My ...


Mean Kids at the Park

L.B. asks from San Francisco

I took my kids to the park by our home this past Saturday and were there only 5 minutes before we had to leave. My daughter was playing on the jungle gym, and climbed...


What Does This Mean to You?

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

So often, we hear people saying that their husband, or wife, or significant other "makes them a better person." Perhaps you've said this. Or maybe thought it. ...


9 Year Old Boy with Bad Attitude

T.R. asks from Dallas

My 9 year old son has been giving us "attitude" when we ask him to do something. He obeys but makes faces or moans and groans. This is really annoying to my husband a...


My 4 Yo Is a Moody, Cranky and Mean

C.S. asks from Chicago

AURGH! I'm losing my mind. One minute my 4 yo will be nice and playful and fun and two seconds later he turns into a little monster. What is going on???? This was his...