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4 Year Old Attitude

T.J. asks from Cincinnati

My 4 year old boy is typically a good kid, very loving, in school he's quite and an observer, pays attention and is pretty good. HOWEVER, there are times when he is ...


3 Year Old Talking Back

S.S. asks from Kalamazoo

I have a 3 year old that is talking back all the time. If he is told to do something he will say "don't tell me to..." or "I don't have too" I feel that I have tried...


Rude for NOT Texting?

A.M. asks from Detroit

Am I rude for not texting? I have no texting plan on my phone. I actually have the most basic phone I could get, the free one that came with my plan. My husband and I...


Fix the Attitude

M.G. asks from Kansas City

Good Morning, My 12 year olds attitude is really bothering me, he is so negative it is awful. He will come home from a Boy Scout event where everyone else is talkin...


Should I Complain?

S.R. asks from Dayton

A business owner sells bison classes a year before. The ticket says no refundable only. Others were allowed to transferred their ticket after sells by it. My salesm...


Would You Complain?

M.. asks from St. Louis

Hello All, The hospital has a photographer that comes in and takes newborn photos of your baby and you can buy picture packages if you want. We bought one of their ...


2 1/2 Year Old Talking Back

C.M. asks from Burlington

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has just started to talk back a bit. She'll make demands like "go get it" or "do it now" or tell my husband or I to "get out" or "stop". We...


Is It Rude to Do This?

S.E. asks from Philadelphia

When you hand some one your phone in order to show them a picture is it rude for them to start flipping through your photos? If I hand you my wedding album I assum...


Would This Be Rude?

T.H. asks from Provo

My cousin is having her first baby girl next month. :D :D :D I asked her if she would like the girl's clothes my DD has outgrown, and she said yes. She doesn't have ...


Is This Rude?

S.R. asks from Kansas City

I have a SN DD who is almost 8 years old. We have a wonderful support group that we have been with since she was diagnosed at age 6 months. I have very good relatio...