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18 Month Old Is Still Not Talking

R.E. asks from Seattle

I am a first time mom of a great 18 month old. I have lots of experience with kids and I am not really worried about the fact he is only saying "mom" and "dadda". My ...


16 Month Old Doesn't Talk...

L.N. asks from Benton Harbor

Hi there moms~ I am looking for some *me too* moms whose kids were late talkers. My 16 month old (the same one I posted about who walked early) isn't the least bit ...


Alergies with a 16 Month Old?

L.H. asks from Dallas

I watch a little baby during the day who will be 16 months old next week. The last couple of weeks he tends to throw up his breakfast or lunch. I told his mom and she...



B.B. asks from Syracuse

We have a 19 year college boy that I have a issue with swearing, disrespect (especially with me and his 9 year old brother), meanness towards his brother, and just ge...


Son Is Not Playing Nice with Friends and Is Talking Back - Help

A.S. asks from Sacramento

Morning Ladies, This is actually a two in one issue. My son is 4 and is very strong willed. He is a leader and I've noticed over the past couple of years that the ...



M.Y. asks from Kalamazoo

I have a 7 yr old daughter who has MAJOR attitude and I am not sure how to begin to correct it. I thought for sure we wouldn't have to address this until the teen ye...


17 Month Old Tantrums

K.H. asks from Los Angeles

I need some advice. My 17 month old has suddenly changed into a sreaming little monster when he doesn't get his way. I have tried time out, but he just gets up and wa...


Naps for 17 Month Old

J.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hi mamas. I need your thoughts. I have a (nearly) 17 month old son. He's a dream come true. SUPER good baby. Rarely fusses, eats well, good disposition...truly, ...


18 Month Old Not Walking

A.B. asks from Jacksonville

My 18 month old is not yet walking. She pulls up easily, she will walk holding our hands, but her balance is not very confident. She crawls all over the place, but ...


16 Month Old with Only 8 Teeth?

N.D. asks from New York

Hi moms! My daughter is 16 months old and only has eight teeth. I know there must be wide ranges when then the other teeth come in, but I wonder if this is common? Ha...