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21 Month Old Speaking

N.M. asks from Dallas

I have a 21 month old son that's not speaking, he mumbles a lot I mean a lot most of the time he walks around the house "talking" mumbling but we can't understand any...


Bedtime for a 20 Month Old

M.A. asks from Chicago

Just need a little feedback, what is a NORMAL time to put a 20 month old to bed at night. I care for a child whose mother puts her to bed at 6:30pm and expects her to...


16 Month Old Not Talking

J.P. asks from Chicago

My son is 16 months old and is not saying any words. At the 15 mo. appt., the doctor referred us to an audiologist & his hearing is fine. Now the doctor has referre...


21 Month Old Still Not Talking

S.S. asks from Des Moines

My son just turned 21 months old at the end of February & he just started "repeating" mama back to us when we ask him "Can you say mama?" I am told & have read that ...


Ok Need Help with Punishments for 22 Month Old ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!

B.L. asks from Dallas

Ok so my son is 22 months, I am trying to go the non spanking route. Here's what he is doing, He has found out that he can jump. So he has started jumping off of our ...


My 16 Month Old Daughter Screams for Everything

M.L. asks from Los Angeles

My 16 month old daughter screams for whatever she doesn't like. She does say a few words, and I try to say use your words, she can say no, more,...etc. Or I try to sa...


18 Month Old Not Talking

A.U. asks from Atlanta

My 18 month old son is not talking yet. He hasn't even uttered the word momma or ma ma. Everyone has always stressed the importance of not using baby talk with kiks, ...


22 Month Old Not Really Trying to Say Any Words....

S.D. asks from Detroit

I have a 22 month old boy who is very smart, but refuses to try and say any words. He speaks in his own babble language and although he understands everything I say ...


Is Great America Appropriate for My 19 Month Old Daughter

L.L. asks from San Francisco

My ex is planning on taking my 19 month old daughter to Great America. I do not believe it is age appropriate. He always thinks of himself not her. Am I crazy??????


Time Out for 16 Month Old

J.J. asks from San Francisco

Is "time out" not appropriate for a 16 month old with tantrums? Is he too young? I have read others that say putting a child in their crib for "time out" isn't good...