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First Big Kid Bed

J.M. asks from Chicago

Hi, We are about to transition our almost 3 year old to a big boy bed. I called a couple mattress stores and felt like I was buying a used car! I am wondering if yo...


Pedatric Orthopedic (Right Hip in a 4 1/2 Mo Old)

D.G. asks from Chicago

Her pediatrician ordered an ultrasound due to a click in her hips and they are a semetrical(not equal to each other) So it was done and the pediatrician said that she...


Freshman Girls Being Bullied in the HS Gym Shower

M.M. asks from Dallas

My twin high school freshman daughters have been having a problem with the same girls since 7th grade. One girl who is also their grade runs and dumps her gym bag by...


Help . .pain for 7 Months Since Csection

L. asks from Dallas

I am wondering if anyone who had a c section experienced nerve pain for months afterwards . .I can barely care function . .wondering how to fix it . .doctors, etc ..a...


Mattress Shopping, Lots of Questions...

R.D. asks from Richmond

First off, what is the average price of a regular king size mattress with box springs? Second, what do I want or NOT want in a mattress? Third, can anyone recom...


New Children's Mattress

C.R. asks from Philadelphia

Hi - I am looking to buy a full mattress for my 3 year old DD. Is it best to go with firm, or medium, or plush? Should i get a box spring or is that too high? I am p...



S.G. asks from Oklahoma City

ok so this is my daughter's second year at this school she is in. one of the girls that was in her class last year but not this year is bullying to the point of pushi...


Daughter Cries - No One Talks to Her

P.T. asks from Chicago

Hi mom, I have a concern about my 8 yrs old daughter. She's in 3rd grade and is unfortunately with a group of tough kids I guess. She was talking to me yesterday and...


Post Partum Depression

J.R. asks from Green Bay

I was diagnosed with PPD right after I gace birth to my son (oct. 2005). I was put on anti-depressants at that time. My son just turned 1 and I was slowing weaning ...


Bullying...To Hit Back or Not

K.O. asks from Washington DC

Hello everyone!! Here is my issue; I have a fourth grader who has been bullied all year long by the same child. I have been to school on numerous occasions talking t...