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Bedwetting 7 Year Old

F.S. asks from Chicago

My 7 year old is still wetting herself at night. I have read all the things saying that this is normal and I am cool with that (although my husband really struggles ...


7 Year Old Is Still Wetting the Bed

D.T. asks from Greensboro

My husband and I have noticed that our 7 year old who is in the 2nd grade has reverted back to bed wetting. We have noticed that for the past month it has occurred m...


8 Year Old

R.H. asks from Wilmington

I have a few problems....My 8 year old son doesn't mind very well. We have to tell him to do stuff over and over again because he "forgets". When told to clean his ...


I Need Help with My 10 Year Old Daughter!!!!

P.R. asks from New York

I am a mother of 2 daugters 11 and 7. They both have very different characters. I stayed at home for 10 years to be there for them and raise them up the way I wanted...


Therapy for 8 Year Old?

Z. asks from Columbus

My 8 year old son was caught throwing away his writing homework in the recycling bin. He truly hates to read and write, but loves math and science. He is in the gifte...


Expected Behavior for a 6 Year Old

C.S. asks from San Diego

We recently went on a day trip with our friends who have a 6 year old. His behavior took me by surprise/shock but I want to find out whether it is appropriate behavi...


Orthodontics for 10 Year Old?

C.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hey moms, My ten year old son had his routine dental exam yesterday. The dental office recommended an ortho exam for him, but did not give me any specifics why. La...


7 Year Old and Clowning

S.A. asks from Dallas

Why would a 7 year old think he should be the clown in his school, in his extracurricular activities, and basically everywhere?! Why would he think that rules are n...


Help! My 6 Year Old Won't Stop Lying!!!

A.C. asks from Kansas City

I need help...I don't know what to do with my 6 year old. He is going through a phase right now where he seems to lie about everything. There is always room for story...


Money with a 6 Year Old

D.R. asks from New York

hi moms, i think i am moving into new territory here. my 6 year old has been hoarding money, and taking money, as we just discovered last night. he didnt realize it w...