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Night Time Potty Training

L.H. asks from San Antonio

Howdy, My 3.5 year old son has been daytime potty trained for about 8 months. He is still wearing pull ups at night - which I am starting to feel like they are a mi...


Night Time Potty Training

A.H. asks from Fargo

My son is 3years old and fully potty trained since he was 2 1/2. My questions is at night time/nap time he still wears a pull up and sometimes he wakes up dry and oth...


Night Time Potty Training

R.S. asks from Cleveland

My son will be 4 on the 30th. He is fully potty trained during the day but he is still using his pull ups at night. My daughter seemed to just do it herself. We ha...


Night Time Potty Training

J.H. asks from Columbia

My daughter is 4 years old and is still wearing a pullup at night. I've been thinking about having her wear underwear to bed just to see what happens. She doesn't s...


Potty Training - Accidents If Underwear Are Used

L.F. asks from Austin

I began potty training my 28 month old son last weekend. He does wonderfully if he is at home and naked - only one accident that I can think of. However, the minute...


Anyone Had Success in Night-time Potty Training?

G.G. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter is almost 4 1/2 and is still soaking a pull-up most nights. We have not tried limiting her evening fluid intake yet, but will be starting this week. I k...


Night Time Potty Training for 5 Year Old Girl

S.D. asks from Milwaukee

I am looking for any tips on potty training my 5 year old girl, she only wets at night so she wears a pull up everynight and 3 out of 5 nights it is wet. Is this norm...


Best Cleaning Products and Methods for Potty Training Accidents

S.J. asks from Eugene

Hi everyone. We aren't potty training just yet but I like to plan ahead and I want to be ready! What are the best cleaning products and cleaning methods for cleaning ...


Night Time Potty Training for 3.5 Year Old- Ideas Needed!

E.V. asks from Minneapolis

We potty trained our daughter about a year ago, and she has done pretty well with daytime potty tasks. She is dry most of the time at night, but we have still done P...


Potty Training

S.R. asks from Minneapolis

I was wondering when do you know when to start potty training???