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24 Hour Potty Training?

J.M. asks from New York

My daughter is almost 2 1/2 and when I put her on the potty she usually does go but never tells me in advance that she has to go. I have heard about a 24 hour potty ...


Potty Training Help.......... Anyone Tried Potty Scotty?

J.K. asks from Stockton

My son is 2 1/2 and I am having a difficult time potty training him. He tells me when hes very wet or when he has gone poo poo but not before. He loves playing on the...


Potty Training at Home but Not Getting Much Training at Daycare

V.D. asks from Dallas

I began potty training my 20 month old 2 weeks ago. I tried the Dr. Phil method of potty training in one day. I had 4 days with her before returning to work. She w...


When to Potty Train?

R.P. asks from Cleveland

Audrey is 1 yr 1 month old and is staying dry 90% of the time during the day now and sometimes wakes up dry from a night of sleep, I am thinking about starting to tra...


Help with Potty Training

I.I. asks from Los Angeles

I have a soon to be 3 year old daughter who is still wearing pull ups. She understands the concept of going and will even put her toilet seat insert and her booster s...


Help. Our 3 Year Old Wakes up Every Night at Either 12, 2 or 5 Am!

E.L. asks from Syracuse

Hi. I am at wits end. Our 3 year old wakes up EVERY night and will not go back to sleep unless someone sleeps with her. We have tried the 'crying it out' deal but sh...


Poopy Training!

S.C. asks from Tampa

Ok - it is my turn now. I have seen all sorts of questions go out, but nothing specific to my situation, so here it goes. My 2 1/2 year old has completely potty tra...


Fiance Wants Sick Mother to Move in with Us

M.S. asks from Yakima

Hello, I’m a in bit of a dilemma and would like outside advice. In the next month or so, my fiancé and I will be moving to a new town. My fiancé is insisting...


To Mamas Who Did Not Let Baby 'Cry It Out'

M.P. asks from San Francisco

I would like to hear from mamas out there who did NOT do the 'cry it out' method and now have older children. Does anyone regret not having their child cry it out be...


Driving from Illinois to Florida - with a 2 and a 4 Year Old!

C.K. asks from Chicago

We're leaving for our family vacation in Orlando tomorow morning, but in order to get there I have to survive the 24ish hour car ride with my two small girls. Any id...