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Asthma Cure

A.A. asks from Dallas

Has anyone benefitted from Karon Beattie's Report on Asthma? Is she for real? Thanks, AA


Filter for Asthma

D.D. asks from Pittsburgh

Anyone know of a filter in the kids room that can help with asthma in room??


Children with Asthma

A.M. asks from New York

Hello, I have recently taken both of my children (ages 4 & 2) to the doctor for coughs and cold symptons. They have both been put on a nebulizer for the first time e...


Allergies & Asthma

S.M. asks from Jacksonville

my child is 15months and 1 day old and she has asthma and has been having a nast cough like she is about to have asthma attract and it scare to say that i'm going to...


Eczema and Asthma

A.V. asks from Phoenix

I read in the August 2009 American Baby magazine that 70% of children who have eczema will at some point develop asthma. Has anyone experienced this?


Asthma and Allergies

V.S. asks from Houston

With Asthma and Allergies would it be better to live in East Texas (Tyler area) or West Texas (Midland area)?


Birds and Asthma

A.D. asks from San Antonio

My daughter is really wanting a parakeet or pair of parakeets...she has been asking for quite some time. I have also been very interested in having some. That being...


Arizona and Asthma

M.O. asks from Phoenix

My niece's four children all have terrible asthma they live in Ohio and her doctor is telling her that maybe she should think about moving to Arizona because it will ...


Singular for Asthma?

J.P. asks from Sacramento

Does anyone here have their child on a daily dose of Singular to keep asthma at bay? The pediatrician we just saw (son had a cold and asthma flared up) prescribed it,...


Nebulizer = Asthma?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

Every time my 20-month-old son gets sick, the dr hears wheezing in his chest and gets him on Xopenex to clear up his lungs (administered via nebulizer). My Dr. then ...