Aspergers Syndrome

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Asperger's Question

G.♣. asks from Springfield

My 5 year old has Asperger's, and we are really just beginning to learn more about him and about how to best help him grow and develop, etc. Recently he has been lyi...


Asperger's Question

M.O. asks from New York

I have a question for any mom (or dad) with some knowledge or experience of Asperger's syndrome. My sweet little boy, who will be turning 3 this summer, has been g...


Why Don't Children with Asperger's Do Their Homework?

M.F. asks from New York

Why don't children with Asperger's do their homework?


How Do You Tell a 9 Y/o He Has Asperger's?

E.H. asks from Philadelphia

how do you tell a 9 y/o he has Asperger's?


Asperger's Syndrome

D.C. asks from Redding

We have a 5 year old son that may have Asperger's Syndrome & we're looking for help & support. We are getting him tested next week to be sure. He has a very good, g...



L.B. asks from New York

What signs would I look for in a 12 year old boy, if I susupect mild aspergers? My 12 year old son does not initiate activities with other kids, but he is social i...



D.R. asks from Los Angeles

Info and advice please, my son Jake is going into Middle school this year and I am freaking out! He did relatively (sp?) well in grade school with the help and suppor...


Son Hits Himself - May Be Asperger's What to Do

A.M. asks from Mobile

son hits himself - possible asperger's - what to do? doesn't "get it" - how can I get him help? No one seems to know what to do -


Mother Looking for Info on Asperger's

L.Z. asks from Louisville

My 6 year old stepson may have Asperger's. Can anyone tell me what to expect from this child in regard to changes in behavior, etc??


Others Living with Asperger's

L.R. asks from Shreveport

I am looking to find other families who may have a child with Asperger Syndrome. Particullarly in the Shreveport area, but would love to connect with anyone no matte...