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Looking for Exterior Painting Company

J.Z. asks from Dallas

In anticipation of selling our house, we need to have the exterior painted. Anyone have a recommendation for a good exterior house painting company that is reasona...


Art Classes for Pre K?

A.J. asks from Washington DC

Does anyone have experience with an art class in the Manassas area that accepts preschoolers? My 3 1/2 year old has a great interest in art would draw, color, paint ...


Art Classes for Toddlers

J.S. asks from Tampa

I would like to get my 17 month old daughter into an art class. Obviously nothing too intense, but something where she can start experimenting w/ paints etc. Has an...


Where Could I Teach Art Classes?

K.M. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if anyone knew of a place or two that I could check out to teach kids and adult art classes? I was a junior high art teacher for 9 years until I decid...


Exterior Home Painting

R.O. asks from Kansas City

I am looking for a very reasonable painter. I live in Shawnee. I own my half of the duplex and just need a honest and trustworthy painter. I need exterior painting an...


Painting with Child Near

L.P. asks from Chicago

I'm planning on painting my 8 month olds room and I'm curious about the danger of her being near the paint fumes. She will be sleeping in another room while I paint b...


Painting Hardwood Floors

A.B. asks from Dallas

Do you know anyone in the DFW who paints hardwood floors? I've been looking at info. on the internet that talks about painting hardwoods as a chic, cheaper alternativ...


Looking for an Art Class for My Tween

S.O. asks from Kansas City

I have a 9 yr old, almost 10, daughter wanting to take art classes, mainly drawing. Wondering if anyone knows of a place that teaches kids?


Poop Painting! :(( and 2 Floors Question

C.A. asks from Washington DC

Today was a really bad day for my son. He is on the spectrum but I have heard from a friend that her daughter does this too and she is "normal". He took his diaper ...


What to Do with Kids Art Projects?

T.C. asks from Austin

I try not to save ALL my son's art projects. I frame some, and have a shelf in the closet for all the normal paintings and pictures from school. But the ones I don't ...