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13 Year Old Daughter's Behavior

A.W. asks from Dallas

Hello, My 13 year old daughter is in the 8th grade and has started hanging around with, in my opinion, a rough bunch of girls. She has a bad attitude about everythin...


Ack! I Saw What My 12 Year Old Has Been Watching on Youtube!

A.K. asks from Portland

Hey Mamas, I was on youtube tonight watching a link sent to me by a friend. I saw that my 12 year old son had an account. We do not allow him unsupervised computer a...


Summer Planning: 13 Year Old Needs a Job but Not Really Old Enough

M.W. asks from Billings

My 13 year old son needs a job this summer but he isn't really old enough. He loves mechanical things, especially farming and tractors. He doesn't have any friends ...


Moving to a New State with a 12 Year Old

K.V. asks from Seattle

Our family is moving to a new state next year ( job) we have lived in the same town/neighborhood since both my girls were born. They are now 10 and 12. My ten year ol...


Cool Store for 13 Year Old Girl

M.H. asks from Denver

Hi there. I am buying a gift for an unknown 13 year old girl. What is the cool store to buy a gift from?? (for clothes) Thanks!!


13 Year Old Daughter Is Not Making Good Decisions

A.W. asks from Kalamazoo

My 13 year old daughter has become deceitful and manipulative over the past year. I had her talk to a counseler over the summer because of some poor decision making (...


My 14 Year Old Daughter's Lonliness

C.E. asks from Las Vegas

We have lived in Vegas for a year now and my 14 year old daughter has not made any friends to hang out with on the weekends. She is extremely lonely and depressed, S...


Help with My 13 Year Old Son

D.P. asks from Jacksonville

It's funny, you know what to say and do when it's not your child.... My 13 year old son is very intellegent. He is in advanced classes, mature, ahead of most 13 year ...


Anyone Can Be Taught to Do Art

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas and papas When in college I took a number of beginner art classes the premise of which were - if taught certain basic skills and techniques- perspective, sha...


Childs Art Projects

A.F. asks from Portland

This is a silly question but my son is in daycare and hes always bringing home art projects and I love all that he does and hate to throw them away, but as you know a...