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Would You Pay for This?

H.V. asks from Cleveland

This is in NO way an advertisement or promotion of any kind. Just a curiosity question. I've been thinking about starting a business for designing and painting kid...


Interior Paint--how Often

M.S. asks from Salinas

How often do you paint the interior of your house? We moved into our house a little over 6 years ago. It was a newly built house so, of course, had all new paint. Mos...


To Send to School or Not?

H.M. asks from Dallas

I am torn about what to do with my soon to be 4 year old who wil now be able to attend the public school in August. I used to work outside of the home (last year), s...


School Notes for Special Needs Kiddo!

B.W. asks from Kansas City

Hi Ladies! Ok this is only the second day of school but, I'm not sure what to do. My son is in Special Education and he is non verbal. The notes we get from the te...


PARENTS Of Girl/boy Twins in School - Together or Not?

A.M. asks from Chicago

First, I don't discourage teachers from giving their opinions, but I have had several teachers' opinions already, some of whom are good friends and know my twins well...


Kindergarten and Early Education - Montessori Vs. Traditional

D.M. asks from Denver

My daughter is in pre-school and were are really beginning to consider her primary education path. I really like the concepts I've heard about the Montessori approac...


Are Hoas That Bad on Adding to a Mortgage?

L.P. asks from Los Angeles

So I'm finally truly accepting the need and belief that I can afford to move. The thing is, as much as I love old quaint houses, I"m thinking I may be better off with...


Gift Ideas for a Caregiver

A.S. asks from Boca Raton

I have been blessed to have a wonderful woman privately care for all 3 of my children for a total of 5 years while I worked. She watched my boys each for the first 2...


Affording It All

J.V. asks from Chicago

It's that time of year when I do our 5 year financial plan, take a look at our long term financial health, and figure out our current priorities. Well, I just did ...


Can You Help Us Decide? Need Your Wisdom.

M.F. asks from Los Angeles

I’ve been homeschooling my 5 y/o son, since I was blessed to be a SAHM. We had every intention of having him start at a private school once he started Kindergarten...