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Sam's Club Formula and Diapers

A.V. asks from Minneapolis

My mother in law and sister in law have a membership to sam's club and want to buy diapers from ther but i prefer Luvs and they said they do not sell them there they ...


Inexpensive Art Supplies

C.P. asks from Minneapolis

I'm starting a toddler art club with some other parents in my play group, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of some places to buy inexpensive art supplies. I've alre...


Where Can I Purchase Nice Photo Albums in Bulk?

R.W. asks from Dallas

I love to take pictures...especially of my little girl. I have taken and printed more than 3,000 photos (4x6) in the past two years and have yet to put any of them i...


Graphic..."Finger Painting"?!?

C.K. asks from Chicago

Mom's I need help! How do I get poo out of the carpet and stuffed animals, as well as the smell out of the matress?!? My son decided to change his diaper while he w...


The Art of Clipping Coupons

K.A. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, does anyone have any advice on how to go about the best deals at the supermarket when using coupons. I saw an episode on Ellen a few weeks ago where they had a m...


HOMESCHOOLERS!! Need Help Picking Curriculum.

A.H. asks from Fort Smith

You guys have been so good about giving me great suggestions, and I need some help again. I've been home schooling technically for 2 years. My son is 7, 2nd grade, my...


How to Stop Nail Biting

S.C. asks from Denver

My 4 year old son will not stop biting his nails. I have tried all sorts of bribes to get him to quit, as well as painting something called "thum" on his nails and h...


Bad Smell in House!

M.R. asks from Dallas

Help Please! We have a rental property business, and have recently purchased a great house, but is smells really bad! Normally removing old flooring and painting can ...


Thomas/Brio Train Sets

J.F. asks from Dayton

Hi, My son loves Thomas and I would like to know if any of you moms out there know of a good place to purchase thomas trains or if any of you are looking to sell yo...


Looking for Fun Videos, Cd's and Books to Buy for 4 and 2 Year Old Living Abroad

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

We live in Israel and speak English to our kids. However, the only English they really hear is from other adults, resulting in a pretty funny dialect (my son uses unf...