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Flag Art Project

S.T. asks from Dallas

Hi! My 1st grader needs to write a report and make an art project on the US Flag. Any creative ideas for an art project? I'd like to include the original and curre...


Art Basket Ideas

R.B. asks from Atlanta

Hello everyone, My daughters school is having Bingo night to help raise money, This is a Charter School, so we do not get funding like a typical public school. So...


Suggestions for an Uncycle Art Project

A.W. asks from Chicago

Good morning mamas! We are beginning to plan my daughter's birthday party (her birthday is in June) and we've come up with an arts and crafts theme. (My kid loves, lo...


Kindergarten Art Smock

A.E. asks from Hartford

When I was a kids, my art smock was one of dad's old shirts. WHen my son was in preschool, they provided the smocks. Now that he is in Kindergarten, he was told to ...


Where Do You Buy Your Blank Art Canvases?

K.. asks from Phoenix

That has affordable prices? I am interested is doing some photo projects I've seen on Pinterest, as well as letting DD create some permanent works of art and I'd lik...


Ideas for an Art Station

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, I need some creative ideas... I'm planning to set up a little ART Area for my kids to mainly paint and draw but first... I'm looking for a tarp. But i'...


Bulk Art Supplies on the Cheap?

K.H. asks from Phoenix

My daughter's birthday is coming up and we're having an art party. The kids will paint, color, etc. Can anyone recommend places to buy paint, canvases, crayons, etc i...


Anyone Can Be Taught to Do Art

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas and papas When in college I took a number of beginner art classes the premise of which were - if taught certain basic skills and techniques- perspective, sha...


Looking for Art Classes & Gymnastics

T.H. asks from San Antonio

I have a 10yr old son, who is very good at drawing.. Friends keep telling me to get him in Art Classes.. He also wants singing classes.. Now, I also have a daughter ...