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To Rent or Buy a Carpet Cleaner?

J.V. asks from Las Vegas

I've been thinking about either buying a carpet cleaner or renting one for a very long time now. I live in an apartment and well it's covered with stains and I've tri...


Washing Machine Shake

L.M. asks from St. Cloud

A while back I had read a response someone have given to a question regarding their washing machine shaking. I have a front loading washing machine and it shakes to ...


How to Clean Washing Machine

J.H. asks from Dallas

Our washing machine has a bad smell. We've taken apart the fabric softener dispenser and cleaned it completely, but the smell is still there. Help!


Direct Buy - Do You Belong?

P.:. asks from Phoenix

I've frequently been tempted to go to one of those open houses for Direct Buy but I don't know if it's really a deal to belong. I anticipate that it would be a high p...


Does It Matter Where I Buy the Washer?

B.J. asks from Rochester

My mother used to work for Sears years ago (over 20 years ago) and someone once told her that a washer you buy at an apliance store is not the same washer you would b...


Washing Machine Question

K.C. asks from New York

I have a high efficiency front-loader. It does save on water (big time) and electricity. The brand is LG. It was written up in consumer's as one of the best...There ...


Help!! How to Clean My Washing Machine!

L.C. asks from San Francisco

My husband decided to wash his greasy, really dirty rags ...the ones that he uses to fix and clean his my washing machine is filthy...Any suggestions on ho...


Thing to Know Before Buying a House

K.P. asks from Seattle

It's still early and not for sure yet, but my husband and I are finally talking about buying a house. I have been looking a little and found some places that would be...


Shopping for a New Fridge

K. asks from Tampa

Our 20+ yr old fridge is leaking, so we've started looking around for a new one. Looking for any & all experiences with any & all brands/types/etc. We're leaning tow...


Washing Machine Choices

V.S. asks from Flagstaff

I am looking for a washing machine that isn't too expensive, that is non agitating and is reliable. Either front loading or top loading will work, but I would like so...