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What to Buy a 4 Year Old Girl for Her Birthday?

M.J. asks from Chicago

We have a birthday party to go to for a 4 year old girl. What are girls into at this age? If you have any suggestions of something cute that I know would be safe to...


What Should I Buy My 15 Month Old DS for Christmas?

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hello? As Christmas is approaching, the relatives are asking for a wish list for my 14 month old DS. He turned 1 in September and got lots of gifts, so my DH and I ar...


Dishwasher Issues

S.D. asks from Phoenix

We have hard water and it just destroys the glasses and silverware. Is it the dishwaswher or the hard water ? We want to get a new dishwasher. The water stands at ...


Using Freezer for Fridge Space

J.A. asks from Denver

Has anyone every tried turning down the temperature in the freezer part of their side by side and using it for drinks? I would love to have space for cold iced tea a...


Do I Need a New Fridge?

J. asks from Chicago

I have noticed in the last few months that occasionally the items in the freezer will have a frosty layer on them sometimes and not others. I have cleaned the coils, ...


Washing Machine

N.S. asks from Salt Lake City

I purchased an LG, HE front loader washer a few months ago. I am not sure if it's me or the machine, but occasionally it doesn't seem to work right. A couple of tim...


In the Market for New Refrigerator and Wanted Some Opinions

K.M. asks from Dallas

Just wanted some opinions about the new refrigerators that are french doors and have pull out freezer below? Do you like those? Anyone have recommendations for best...


Cleaning a Dishwasher

D.G. asks from Lincoln

I'm sure it's been asked before and I thought I've read to use vinegar but how do you do it? just run an empty dishwasher with vinegar in the detergent holders? tha...


Do You Use Your Dishwasher?

K.L. asks from Sacramento

I use my dishwasher, only as a dry rack. I fully handwash all my dishes, and stack them in the washer to dry. I hate, hate, hate running my dishwasher! No matter how ...


Dishwasher Problem

B.F. asks from Denver

Does anyone know what to do when your dishwasher leaves a few random bowls dirty? It happens almost every load and I have no idea how to fix it or what's wrong. Any...