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How to Get the Mildew Smell Out of My Washing Machine

S.B. asks from San Diego

Hi Mamma's- My frontloader washing machine really smells like mildew, and there is a little bit of mildew on the rubber lining. How do I the mold off and make my ...


How to Clean the Front Load Washing Machine?

M.B. asks from Reno

I have my front load washer for a while now and I totally love it. But once for a while, I found some residues in the washer after few washes which I don't really kno...


Refrigerator Brands

C.L. asks from Minneapolis

Please tell me about your experiences with a new refrigerator--good and bad. I'm interested in first hand stories about brands you've been happy with and brands to a...


Looking for a Good Stove

S.H. asks from Phoenix

Hello everyone, I am shopping for a new stove. Very excited about it, we have had this one 10, it came it the house and who knows how long before that. Any way, I ...


What Do You Buy at Costco ?

D.G. asks from Dallas

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday ! I am so glad tomorrow is Friday ! I just got a Costco membership. I have so many friends that love it and have recom...


Suggestions for New Washing Machine

E.J. asks from Los Angeles

My washing machine died and I need a new one asap. Someone asked the same question back in 2009 but with the technology changing so quickly i thought i would repost....


What Dishwasher Would You Buy?

C.T. asks from Denver

My GE Profile dishwasher just bit the dust tonight after 13 yrs so I need to shop for a new one. I've heard good things about Bosch but I'm concerned about reviews ...


Washing Machine Recommendations Needed!

C.F. asks from Dallas

My old faithful machine is dying (so sad) and I don't know what to buy next! I"m thinking HE but I love the top loader. We have a family of 8 and 2 in cloth diapers...


Best Washing Machine

J.A. asks from Mobile

I am having to buy a new washing machine and need some advice as to which one is the best.


SWH* Dishwasher Dilemma - Thoughts?

M.6. asks from New York

We have had a dishwasher for the last 20 years. The one we have now, we've had for just over 8 years. I've never loved it, plus I had to have it repaired at year 3 ...