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Reviews on Front Loading Washing Machine?

Our washing machine recently went out and we're looking at getting one of the front loading ones. We have been out to look at them and have read online reviews, but they are mixed. It seems there are almost an equal number of people that rave about them versus people who hate them and this is for all 3 major brands. I would love to know if any of you have purchased a front loading washer, what brand, what you like, and any problems you may have had. Thanks so much!


Washing Machine Help

I am so fed up! It seems that all of my dark shirts have spots on them, I am...


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How to remove crayon stain in dryer and clothes?

Please help my 7 year old left a black crayon in his pocket and the entire load that was dried with the jeans is covered in black marks and there is a chunk of crayon dried on the side of the dryer along with marks all over the dryer walls. How do we get crayon that has been baked into clothes and how do we clean the dryer???? Please help save my dryer, clothes and my 7 year old from me ringing his neck!


Washer and Dryer

We are thinking about replacing our washer and dryer. We are thinking about...


Gum in My Dryer

A pack of gum got left in a pocket and went through the washer and dryer....


Ink in Dryer

Hi mamas, Does anyone know how to remove pen ink from the inside of a...


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Where Is Your Microwave?

We're redoing our kitchen and want to put the microwave somewhere other than the counter. But if we put it above the stove, the kids will never be able to reach it without a stool, and I don't really want them handling hot things while balanced on a stool, right? We were going to build it into one of the cabinets, but that will take away storage space, and I don't have a ton of that either. So where's your microwave- do you like it there? Sorry, not enclosed in the cabinets, but on a special ledge in the middle that would be open and...


Using the Microwave

Hi mommas, So I just started my son on veggies and fruits a few months ago....

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Breakfast for 17 Month Old

Hello. I have a 17 month old daughter and I am wondering what to feed her for breakfast. Since she was a year, we have given her cheerios and then a Gerber 2nd Foods fruit with mixed cereal. I like to give her the fruit because I know that she is getting at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day, as well as a fruit and veggie with each meal. However, I feel that she is way too old for the 2nd fruits and would like to give her something else comparable in the morning. I thought of slicing bananas or oranges or giving her applesauce. Does...


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New Stove (I Can't Believe How I Ruined the One I Have!)

I can't believe I did this. I put a pot on the stove to steam vegi's and apparently neglected to add water to the bottom pot. So, it overheated. Then it melted. Yes. The pot melted onto the top of my stove. Molten metal. ACK! Thankfully my husband was home when I did it. Then, the glass top melted under the molten metal. That's right. Then as it cooled, it broke into tiny glass shards that kept flying off the stove top. SO - I'm getting a new slide in range. Currently my kitchen has stainless appliances. I hate them. ...

Vacuum Cleaner

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Need Recommendations for Vacuum Cleaner!

Our vacuum cleaner died. In a way, I am happy because I hated it anyway (maybe it knew?). In any case, I need recommendations for a vacuum cleaner that would be effective not only on low pile carpeting, but also hardwood floors. I am not looking to invest 500+ in a high-end vacuum, but need a good serviceable one that will last more than 3 years and doesn't weigh 500 pounds - we will be vacuuming carpet on stairs. Thanks!

Washing Machine

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Best Washing Machine

I am having to buy a new washing machine and need some advice as to which one is the best.