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Smelly Washing Machine

Hello! My washing machine smells musty (and maybe moldy!). It is a top-loading washing machine. My family is allergic to laundry detergent, so I only use baking soda and vinegar in it, unless it is a particularly smelly load, in which case I also use Dawn dish soap. Can anyone tell me how to get the smell out? Or how it was caused in the first place? (Did those missing sock fairies play a mean trick on me?) Thanks for your help!


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Gum in the Dryer!

Help! I check all pockets before doing laundry, but apparently I missed a piece of gum in my hubby's pocket. I took all the clothes out of the dryer one by one to shake them out and still didn't find the gum. Now I have pink strawberry trident gum all on the inside of my dryer. Thankfully it is not on any of the clothing that I washed (well not that I noticed when folding the load). Can someone please give me some advice to make the dryer easier to clean. Yes, I am making my hubby clean the dryer since it was his gum and the fact that...

Vacuum Cleaner

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Inexpensive Vacuum Cleaner Suggestions

I guess we seem to be pretty hard on vacuum cleaners so I'm always afraid to invest in a really expensive one. I am looking for the best vacuum cleaner that is under $100. Any suggestions?

Washing Machine

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How to Clean Washing Machine

Our washing machine has a bad smell. We've taken apart the fabric softener dispenser and cleaned it completely, but the smell is still there. Help!


Washing Machine Odor

My son had a big accident in his pants, and after washing them in our washer...