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Putting Together Dress up Box/Bin

A.R. asks from Houston

I was going to put a dress up box together for my niece's birthday. I wanted to include a range of things - dresses, shoes, purses, etc. She will be turning three o...



B.E. asks from Austin

My husband and i both work full time (him a lot more) and work very hard for the money we earn. In April of 08 we bought a brand new home which we love very much, we ...


Out of State Family Expecting Second Child.

A.E. asks from Columbus

Hey Mama's, I am hoping that you can help me out.....I have a brother and sister in law that are expecting their second child. They have a son who will be turning 2 ...


Preparing for School,1 Daughter Entering Kindergarten, 2Nd One in Full Day pre-K

L.M. asks from New York

Hi guys, a few quick questions: 1. My child has a bus pass, it says she has to have it in order to get on the bus. If you ladies have this, where do you put it so it...


2 Year Olds Favorite Toys??

M.M. asks from Johnson City

Hello, My daughter is going to be 2 in Novemeber, and we are going to get her a few toys as part of her birthday (like she doesn't have enough already, but you kn...


So Sick of Husband Making Comments on My Body!!

D.M. asks from Minneapolis

I am really frusterated- I weigh 135 lbs and am 5 feet 3 in, I weighed the same when my husband met me 5 years ago. So heres what happened. I told him oh ya I ate 3 c...


At What Age Did Your Daughter Enjoy Barbies?

L.G. asks from Detroit

I am wondering at what age your daughters really enjoyed playing with Barbies. And, I am talking about in the past decade. When I was young, I think we played with ...


Gun Toys & Light Sabers

A.P. asks from New York

So I have an almost 4 year old son. I never gave much thought as to whether or not I'd let him play with toy guns and the like, because I figured I wouldn't buy them ...


Is My Husband a Jerk or Normal Guy?

M.Z. asks from Muncie

My husband came home today (he sees the kids for 1 hour before bed) and said he can't watch 3 of them one night a week so I can take child #4 to dance. It's really ha...


Does This Make the Royal Wedding Sound Better?

K.L. asks from Redding

GrammaT asked if any of us were interested in the upcoming royal wedding and there were many responses voicing a variety of opinions. Several of you commented on what...