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Need to Purchase a Washing Machine

I have always received great advice from you guys so here I am again. Thank you all so much for your responses and for your advice. My 8 year old washing machine went on the blink. The repairman suggested that I just get a new one. The old one would cost too much to repair he says. Financially, I cannot afford to purchase a NEW machine. Does any one know where I can get a reliable used one? Perhaps a friend may be moving and wants to sell theirs or perhaps there is a reputable place that you know of that sells good, used, washing...

Dish Washer

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Do You Use Your Dishwasher?

I use my dishwasher, only as a dry rack. I fully handwash all my dishes, and stack them in the washer to dry. I hate, hate, hate running my dishwasher! No matter how L. soap I put in, when the dishes are done, there is residue and soap flakes all over the dishes! I end up having to re-rinse them all by hand anyway... It's not even an old washer, maybe 10 yrs... So do you hand wash and rack them to dry, or rinse and run the dishwasher?

Washing Machine

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Your Washing You Love It? Do You Hate It?

So, it is time to buy a new washing machine. The one I have now was born 4 years after I was. LOL! So I really want to know about your washing machine. Do you love it? Do you hate it? What is great about it? What have your friends told you about their washing machine? I am trying to do my research so I don't end up with a lemon. Thanks for the help!


6 Year Old Allowance

My daughter is almost 6 years old. She has no concept of money. She thinks...