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Torn Between the Ergo and Toddler Patapum

Hi Moms, I currently use a slingling w/ my toddler. He requires a lot of snuggle time so I wear him around when I am doing housework. It has recently gotten uncomfortable to wear him on back and front and is only comfortable on my hip but on my hip prevents me from doing some things. I am torn between the ergo and toddler patapum. I like the ergo bc it offers the option to wear him on the hip but the toddler patapum looks like it offers more support for a toddler and goes to a higher weight. Anyone have an opinions on either of these I...

Washing Machine

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Buying a Used Ergo

I am considering buying a used ergo for my 6 month old, I would save about $30. does anyone know if they are machine washable and any tips what to look for if it is in good condition, or advice about the ergo in general. thanks!


Best Baby Carrier

So I am having my second child with in the month and i need a good baby...