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Bath Toys

J.B. asks from Kansas City

So, my son's bath toys are getting kinda icky and I am not sure of the best way to clean them. I have heard that you can use a bleach and water mixture and have them...


How to Clean/steralize Bath Toys

J.G. asks from Seattle

Hello everyone! I was just curious about what other mommies do to clean their babies bath toys? I get anxious about using bleach? If that's what do to, how much? I...


Disinfecting Bath Toys

B.R. asks from San Francisco

Hi! I was just wondering what other moms use to disinfect bath toys? Thanks for the input!


Mildew on Bath Toys

C.M. asks from Portland

My daughter has a bunch of bath toys, including a couple of bath babies that she will just not part with. I have tried drying everything after her bath and her toys ...


Cleaning of Bath Toys

S.S. asks from Spokane

Random question but has anyone noticed how bath toys can get that grimy feeling to them after a while? Can anyone tell me how I should be cleaning the bath toys and ...


Stinky Bath Toys!

F.G. asks from Dallas

Ok I run my kids bath toys through the dishwasher about every one to two weeks, I use the sanitize wash and everything. But I have noticed a gross film on them and th...


Disenfecting Bath Toys

B.A. asks from Detroit

Any recommendations on how to disinfect bath toys? My toddler loves playing with toys during bath time, and always puts them in his mouth. So I want to avoid chemic...


Cleaning Bath Toys??

R.R. asks from Springfield

Hi there!! I was wondering if anyone has a good and safe way to clean bath toys? I have two boys, 4 yr and 11 mos. I didn't know if it is good to soak them in a bl...


Cleaning Bath Toys

G.S. asks from Chicago

Moms, what is the best way to clean bath toys (foam, plastic, soft scrubbie animals, laminated books)? How often do you clean them? I have a squeeze duckie with a hol...


Cleaning Rubber Bath Toys

N.K. asks from Miami

My daughter left her bath toys in a tupperware container, which is where we normally store them while they air dry, but this time, she filled the container with water...