Anxiety: Tween

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Anxiety Disorder

D.H. asks from New York

are there any other mothers out there w/ anxiety disorder?


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

A.M. asks from Phoenix

Well, I am looking for a little advice and insight. I have an Eleven year old daughter that up until last week had never has anything more than a cold or flu. She was...


14 Year Old That Has a Lot of Headaches

D.J. asks from Tulsa

I have a 14 year old son that has headaches quite often. He wears glasses, so that is not the problem. He comes home from school daily with a headache. I have take...


Doctor Referral for Anxiety Disorder

J.C. asks from Austin

Hi there- This is my first time requesting info, and I really do need your help. I need a referral for the Austin, TX area for doctors who treat people with anxiet...


Help Understanding Bipolar Disorder in My 10 Year Old Son.

S.C. asks from Omaha

I have a 10 year old son who has ADHD, and has just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I dont know a whole lot about this diease. They have put him on Abilify. I w...


12 Year Old Loosing Her Mind?!?!?

J.N. asks from Portland

I have a 12 year old daughter and I'm not kidding you since the day she turned 12 I have had soo many problems with her! She is a natural leader and a sweetheart. E...


12 Year Old Boy with No Friends

J.K. asks from Memphis

My 12 year old son has a very hard time talking to people outside our family. He doesn't have anything to be self-conscious about, He has plenty of boys his age that ...


Out of Controll 12 Year Old

B.S. asks from Bismarck

My 12 (just about 13) year old doughter is way out of controll,She is in the 7th grade scores in every subject collage levels and she has a 1.2 GPA right now she is v...


Selective Eating Disorder

N.H. asks from Houston

Has anyone heard of "selective eating disorder"? My 7 year old son has always been a picky eater. What is different about him, though, is that he's not a typical pi...


Pervasive Developmental Disorder & ADHD

M.P. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Moms! My 6 yr old son was just diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (on the autism spectrum) & ADHD. Even though I kind of knew that was going to be the...