Anxiety: Teen

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Postpartum Anxiety/ Panic Attacks? Postpartum Depression?

W.A. asks from Honolulu

Hi all. I just had an unplanned C-section on Feb 6th (yes, I posted the request about unplanned C-section and got an overwhelming response of 120+ moms...thank you al...


Seeking Help with a 17 Year Old Live in Stepdaughter!

T.R. asks from Goldsboro

Hello, I am a 31 almost 32 year old step mom of a 17 year old stepdaugher. She is very angry and literally hates me. She has lived with her father always. Unfortunatl...


Is This a Mental Disorder?

M.T. asks from Nashville

I want to ask if this is a mental disorder and if you think it is, what would you do about it? My son in the last 3 or 4 years has been irritated with every little t...


Trouble Disciplining a 17 Year Old

J.A. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter has always been an exceptionally bright girl. She was in high performance classes at school and would panic if she was getting anything lower than an 'A'...


Selective Eating Disorder

N.H. asks from Houston

Has anyone heard of "selective eating disorder"? My 7 year old son has always been a picky eater. What is different about him, though, is that he's not a typical pi...


Anxiety and Heart Burn or Ulcer in 16 Year Old

T.R. asks from Lakeland

Ok, so my son it showing some signs of having a little social anxiety all the sudden. He is 16 and for the second time we went somewhere where it got crowded and he ...


Managing Attention Deficit Disorder W/o Medication

V.D. asks from Austin

We have recently realized that our 9 year old most likely has attention deficit disorder. All four of his first cousins have been diagnosed and are taking medication...


Son Recently Diagnosed with ADHD, Possible ODD, Anxiety and Sensory Disorder

S.F. asks from Iowa City

I am a SAHM to 2 boys, age 3 & 4(5 in April). We have very little involvement outside of the house. My husband and his 17 year old son from his first marriage have AD...


Son Diagnosed with Early Onset Bipolar Disorder

J.J. asks from Pocatello

Hello all...I'm back. My nine year old son was just diagnosed with Early Onset Bipolar Disorder. He was diagnosed with ADHD at age 5 but his couselor is sure now that...


What Could Cause Swelling in a 16 Year Old Girl?

A.B. asks from Fayetteville

My daughter is 16 years old and has gained about 30 pounds in the past 4 months. My husband and I are both very thin and all 3 of us are on the same diet. I just thou...