Antiobiotic or Penicillin

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Allergic Reaction to Amoxicillan

K.W. asks from Dallas

My daughter had an ear infection and the doctor put her on amoxicillan. I started giving it to her last Sat. and then thurs. afternoon I had realized she had thrown-u...


Reaction to Amoxicillin?

K.B. asks from Kalamazoo

My son had a double ear infection last Thursday. He has been taking Amoxicillin for 7 days and I noticed a rash on the back of his neck & behind his ears today. Doe...


Possible Reaction to Amoxicillin

D.B. asks from New York

My 15-month old son had an ear infection and his Ped. prescribed Amoxicillin. He took the full 10 day round of it and was fine. A day after he finished it all of a ...


Allergic Red Blotches from Amoxicillan

J.H. asks from Albany

I just took my son to the Urgent Care doctor today. Yesterday afternoon he developed red patches, thinking that they were bug bites I put him to bed. This morning I...


Allergic to Amoxicillin?

M.G. asks from Detroit

My son got an ear infection and his pediatician gave him amoxicillin for 10 days twice a day. Yesterday was his first day taking the medication- morning and night-. T...


Need advice...Does My Son Have Roseola or an Allergic Reaction to Amoxicillin ??

Z.E. asks from Daytona Beach

My 8 month old son has had symptoms of an ear infection for about a week. I took care of him and the ear trouble at home and it seemed to go away. Then a fever came o...


Penicillin Allergy and Horrible Hives!

J. asks from Spartanburg

My son broke out in hives yesterday morning on day 10 of a 10 day round of augmentin. He had previously had penicillin with bad diarhhea but no other problems. We w...


Allergic Reaction to Antibiotics

J.K. asks from Phoenix

I had to take antibiotics for a bladder/kidney infection and I broke out in hives on my head at first. I tried to finish the RX and ignore the hives but then I start...


Endometrial Ablation - Allergic Reaction

D.B. asks from St. Louis

Hi everyone. I am hoping someone has experienced what happened to me so I can pin down what I am allergic too. I had a Novasure ablation on Friday afternoon. My do...


Amoxicillan Allertic Reaction

H.K. asks from Jacksonville

My husband and I went on Mamasource last night to look up allergies. Wonderful source of info of all the other parents who have been through this rash/hives - whatev...