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VBAC VS Repeat C

K.S. asks from New York

Hi Everyone! I am expecting my second on 6/22. My first was a delivered via c-section after 12 hrs of labor when the baby's heart rate started to drop. There was noth...


C-section at 37 Weeks

L.P. asks from New York

UPDATE: I think a few of you mentioned being on blood thinners. I am also on a blood thinner- lovenox shots- because I have MTHFR which is a clotting disorder. I ac...


Giving Birth for the First Time

K.K. asks from Denver

I have a neice that lives in N.Y. She is due any day now with her first baby. Sadly, I can not be there and her mother passed away a year ago. I know she can give ...



S.D. asks from Wausau

My 2 month old sees an OT for hypertonia but I'm having a hard time understanding hyptertonia, how he developed this, are there other medical issues going on that we ...


Vaginal Birth After C-section

R.G. asks from San Francisco

I am looking for stories to present to a non-profit to request support for women who have had a prior surgical birth. Access to Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Birth (VB...


Personal Delima

K.M. asks from Sherman

I am scheduled to induce on August 6th and can't decide what I want to do for pain management. I've heard lots of mixed reviews on epidurals vs. local anesthesia. C...


Am I Being Petty and Hormonal?

D.B. asks from Detroit

When I had my first son via emergency c section, I was unable to hold him for 12 hours after (I think it had something to do with the meds given to me and needing to ...


2Nd C-section

B.P. asks from Boston

Hi Moms- I am scheduled for my 2nd c-section on the 20th of July. My son ended up being an emergency c-section after 34 hours of labor - not fun! I really dont recall...


Interested in Hearing from Some Mamas About Their Birth Experiences!

B.E. asks from Dallas

I am a childbirth educator and I am calling for some feedback on your births. More specifically about your relationship with your MD and or Midwife regarding such th...


Scared of C-section

N.N. asks from Chicago

I am writing more out of anxiety than anything else. I had my first baby by c-section and the spinal went too high, which made me feel like I couldn't breathe during ...