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Any Clever Ways to Get Your Children to save Their Allowance?

C.K. asks from Philadelphia

Next Tuesday, April 22nd, Is National Teach Your Child to Save Day. In honor of this day, does anyone have a clever way they are teaching their children to save?


Allowence Time!

J.M. asks from Denver

My oldest daughter Jayla who is almost seven (Oct. 6) has been asking for an allowance. So now my almost four year old has been asking too. My question is what rules ...


Age Appropriate "Chores" for My 11 Year Old Son

S.G. asks from Kansas City

My 11 year old son wants allowance. I would like to make a "chore" list for him. What are appropriate chores for him and what is the going rate per week for allowan...


When to Start Teaching Ur Kids About Money.

S.T. asks from Atlanta

hi, my daughter is almost 4, and is at the age of i want i want i want, so, i have decided that she can now earn an allowance, i didn't know what kind of chores i...


Chores for a 5 YO

J.C. asks from Roanoke

My daughter is turning 5, and we have decided to give her an allowance and require her to do some chores. What are some good chores for a 5 YO to do? Thanks, moms!


Any Rules for Allowances?

F.M. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms: I have a question. I have a 14 year old girl. She is a very good girl. Her grades are good, she does her chores, she helps out with her little brother. I...


Seeking Other Mom's Opinions

B.M. asks from Charlotte

Hi, I have 2 sons. Right now they both receive $30 every other week for allowance. The 13 yr. old feeds the dogs once a day and empties the little garbage cans once...



R.P. asks from Orlando

I have a 7 1/2 year old girl and 4 1/2 year old boy at home. They love to get new things when we go to the mall or Target. We occasionally have them do some chores ar...


Chores & Allowances

M.R. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms ~ My daughter is 5 and I'm considering giving her "official" chores and an allowance. Right now, she helps around the house by picking up toys, putting cl...



N.H. asks from Detroit

How many chores do you ask your 6 years old to do daily? What cleaning routines do you have them do? How do you motivate them? (Better yet, what seems to "self mot...