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Allergic To???

L.G. asks from Dallas

I posted a week ago about my son's hands swelling up with a light red rash. It happened again yesterday and now it's worse. I now know he is having an allergic reac...


Allergic to the Dog?

S.S. asks from Portland

My 18-month old has a pretty-much contiuously runny nose. It usually combined with nasal congestion. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to bother her and it doesn't trans...


Allergy or What?

T.T. asks from Dallas

When getting my 2 year old ready for dinner i took her shirt off and found red sploches that looked like hives all over her chest and tummy. I have no clue what it i...


What Is This Allergy?

S.H. asks from Huntsville

I have had an allergy since at least early high school. The reaction is not as severe as it once was, but I woke up with it again this morning and thought I'd ask if...


Allergy or Not?

L.D. asks from Houston

Recently my hands and feet started to itch something fierce. I thought maybe it was an allergy to something, but it seems to be mostly at night (occasionally in the ...


Allergic Reactions

S.T. asks from Oklahoma City

Ok mama's you are always so very helpful and i have a question that i ALWAYS forget to ask the dr... Two of my kids have allergic reactions to things, my middle son...


Allergic Reactions

V.S. asks from Jonesboro

He's allergic to Eggs, Milk, Wheat, Soy, Cod fish (we have to have more test done to find out if there is other fish), Peanuts, Almonds, Cats, Dogs, Roaches (weird), ...


Could This Be an Allergy?

S.F. asks from Utica

Hello Mommas, So my DD is 15 months and we decided to try and introduce her to peanut butter so that we dont have to tip top around with it when WE decide to eat i...


Allergic to Gluten

J.R. asks from Redding

My allergy test from a blood sample finally came in . . . as suspected, I am allergic to gluten (had high level of antibodies). I read about the different levels of ...


Allergic to Pets

S.S. asks from Washington DC

Hi all, I have an 8 month old son and i think he may possibly be allergic to dogs. Does anyone know if there is a way to test for this at his young age. Thanks!