Allergies: Pedialyte

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Pedialyte and Hives

E.C. asks from Salt Lake City

My almost 3 yr old had some Pedialyte a few days ago (first and only time she's had it). Then two days later she got hives. Has anyone else experienced this? I went...


Is My Daughter Having an Allergic Reaction??

S.T. asks from Nashville

My daughter is nine months old. We have been trying out a lot of new varieties of food. Well recently I have introduced strawberry apple puffs and sweet potato and ap...


My Son Is Allergic to Everything....

S.B. asks from Hartford

Hi there- My son Joseph is 19 months old and allergic to all dairy, eggs, peanuts & tree nuts. We have him on soy milk and he seems to like it. My question is, at hi...


Milk Allergy Need Help

D.G. asks from Modesto

Has anyone had experience with a milk allergy my son is 10 months old and has had diarrhea for the past week. We've gone through bottles of pedialyte and dozen of ou...


Allergy to Gummy Vitamin?

M.R. asks from Greensboro

This is going to be a little long, so please bear with me. My son is 2 1/2 years old and a few weeks ago he had a cold, so I started giving him the Disney Gummy vitam...


Can a Child Suddenly Become Allergic to Dairy?

T. asks from Dallas

My 22 mo. old son has had diarreah for several days now. It finally started clearing up. Then he ate cheese for snack time and had issues again. He had the same tr...


Problems with amoxicillian--ALLERGY? Has Anyone Had This Problem?

J.D. asks from Raleigh

We just found out my 7 month old has an ear infection and were prescribed amoxicillan for it. The ONLY reason we knew he had an ear infection was because he was pull...


Milk Allergy or Stomach Bug?

S.D. asks from Boston goes... My 21 month old has had a runny nose for a week and woke up Sunday morning, had his morning milk, played as usual and then started vomiting on and off...



G.L. asks from Los Angeles

How long does diahrrea typically last in babies that are one year old and what is the best form of treatment besides Pedialyte and BRAT diet? Thank you.


Toddler Poop Problems. Food Allergy or Something Else?

H.J. asks from Spokane

My daughter is 20 months old and has been having diahrea and some very soft stools. Today she went 5 times. She doesnt seem to be in much pain and has been kind of ...