Allergen Foods: Toddler, The First Years

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12 Month Old Allergic to Milk?

L.H. asks from Albuquerque

Hello moms! My 12 month old recently made the switch to organic whole milk. He has been having a major problem with constipation and then diarrhea. Then, after his ...


10-Month-Old Allergic to Milk

C.M. asks from New York

Hi There, My 10-Month-Old is allergic to milk. Any advice on what I should try? Thanks!


Allergy Shots

C.T. asks from Santa Fe

Ok, so this does not have to do with my kids, but I have a question concerning allergy shots. Have any of you done them and what was your experience like? My allergie...


Allergy Issues

P.M. asks from Harrisburg

My 11yo is allergic to mold and dead and decaying plant materials. These things seem to be around all the time. She also rides horses, so she's at the barn a lot wi...


Milk Allergy

K.A. asks from Seattle

My breastfed baby has a cow/goat milk allergy... most recent reaction was hives minutes after just a couple sips. She is under the care of a doctor, allergist.... ...


Dairy Allergy?

M.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi, I am writing because I think that my son might have a milk/egg allergy. He recently started on whole milk and has had horrible rashes, welts, and sore areas ever ...


What to Feed My 15 Month Old with Possible Milk Allergy...

B.O. asks from Spokane

Hello moms... help please.. I am soooooooooooo frusterated with what to feed my daughter. She is a good eater for the most part and recently I descovered she may hav...


12 Month Old Measuring Small

S.S. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I recently took my 12 month old to her well check up and she has lost weight! She's only 18.5 lbs. - down from 18.12 at 10 months. The Dr. is concerned, eve...


19 Month Son Not Eating Enough to Gain Weight

H.D. asks from Sacramento

My 19 month old son weighs 17.5 pounds, and has been back and forth to the doctor for over six months now regarding his weight/size. After blood, urine and stool test...


Food Allergies

J.G. asks from San Francisco

My 2 year old was just tested for food allergies and turns out he's allergic to soy, dairy, eggs, nuts and wheat. I have lived with a peanut allergy my whole life. I'...