Allergen Foods: Toddler, Simplicity

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Milk Allergy

S.G. asks from Chicago

My son has a severe milk allergy. He is currently 10 months old on Elecare. What kind of "milk" do I give him when he turns 1? Also, what about his birthday cake :(


Weaning a 14 Month Old

J.M. asks from Nashville

My oldest son, now 5, weaned himself at 14 months. His baby brother, however, does not seemed inclined to stop nursing on his own. He only really nurses 3 times a day...


Lunch/meal Ideas for Semi Picky 2 Year Old

R.R. asks from Los Angeles

Just wondering what some of you mamas feed your kids. We have a semi-picky child who will eat quesadillas, chicken nuggets, ramen noodles and mac and cheese most days...


Snack Ideas for Preschool

T.J. asks from Seattle

I'm in charge of snacks once a month for my daughter's preschool. Due to choking hazards and food allergies, there's a long list of things we can't bring. We had orie...


Almost 3 Year Old Girl with Itchy Bottom

C.D. asks from Sioux Falls

Hello- I am the mother of an almost 3 year old girl that has been complaining about her bottom itching for 2 months now. It is right between her two butt cheeks g...


Skin Care for Eczema

L.C. asks from Philadelphia

My 6 month old has eczema - classic in her 'folds' and behind her knees! Any suggestions on soap and cream? Also what can I expect for summer - what remidies are sugg...


Need a Healthy Cake Recipe

A.M. asks from Kansas City

Hi ladies! My daughter is about to turn one and I am looking for a healthy cake recipe to make for her first birthday. I am not anti-sugar, but I do try to limit her ...


Celiac Disease?

K.D. asks from Denver

Hello, my 3 yr old daughter was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease. We meet with the GI dr and dietician next week. I'm looking for help in explaining this so she u...


5 Yr. Old with Hyperactivity Problem

R.W. asks from Albany

Hi ladies, this is the first post for me. Does anyone have a child with a hyperactivity problem? My daughter is the youngest in her kindergarden class(sept. birthda...


Do You Ever Take off Your Wedding Ring?

A.G. asks from Houston

When? Cooking? Baths or showers? Doing the dishes? I don't, but if I get a manicure, they make me take my ring off. But that's the only time.