Allergen Foods: Toddler, Nasonex

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Nasonex for a Seven Year Old...

J.J. asks from Pocatello

My seven year old son has suffered from severe migraines since he was three. This last summer they increased in both frequency and severity. I finally convinced his d...


Use of Nasonex & Singulair in an 1-Year-old

J.B. asks from Dallas

My little boy will be one next month. He has been on a variety of medicines throughout his life, primarily for GERD. We saw an allergist last week to get him teste...


Seeking Food Advice for a Toddler Who Is Allergic to Dairy, Soy and Peanuts

D.R. asks from New York

I was informed recently by my Pediatrician that my son is allergic to Soy, Dairy products and Peanuts. I am seeking advice from any one who has gone through the same ...


Allergy Testing

M.F. asks from Philadelphia

Do you agree that it makes sense to do allergy testing? TREE NUTS: My daughter, now 5 1/2, had reactions to walnuts and other tree nuts from a young age -- it sta...


Allergy Testing

J.P. asks from Albany

Hi, I am trying to find out some information on allergy testing. This week my son had a reaction and the doctors aren't sure, but they are guessing he may have a nut...


Seeking Allergy Shot Information

M.H. asks from Chicago

My almost 5 year old son was just tested again for allergies. We just found out he's allergic to trees, mold, and grass. He also has some food allergies. The aller...


Hives and Allergy Testing

A.M. asks from Louisville

Our daughter broke out in hives on her hands and thighs this evening for the very first time. We immediately gave her Benadryl and it has gotten better on her hands ...


Severe Seasonal Allergy

D.M. asks from Houston

just a quick questions, is benadryl safe for breastfeeding mom, if not, what allergy medication is safe while breastfeeding? & also is here natural stuff I could do t...


Allergy Help PLEASE!!!!

M.H. asks from Minneapolis

I am new to the allergy world, they came on right after I gave birth to Madelyn. My nose is runny, it just won't stop, my throat is scratchy and dry, my head hurts, m...


Allergy Shots and Asthma Meds

R.B. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello Mamas, I am asking for your advice regarding asthma and allergy treatments for little ones. I am nearly at my wit's end dealing with my four and a half-year-o...