Allergen Foods: Toddler, Aveeno

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Aveeno Lotion for Baby

A.S. asks from Reading

this is in regard to my first question 30mins ago... does anyone know if baby aveeno for eczema works??


Is This a Food Allergy

T.P. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 6 weeks old and has a "rash" on her face. It seems to come and go. After she feeds (Similac Advanced w/ Iron) it gets red. About 20 min later it's jus...


Could I Be Allergic to My Dog?

K.O. asks from Wichita

Please help me ladies! I have battled hives on and off. Last spring was the first episode and I think it was caused by stress. I took Zyrtec and although it basica...


Allergic Reaction

T.N. asks from Houston

I left something out the first time around so here it is again, My 18 month old daughter is allergic to something and we can not figure out what it is. We have not ch...


Food Allergy Rashes

E.M. asks from Denver

My 3 year old test positive for mild reactivity to milk, egg and cats. She has eczema but also breaks out these darker red patches kind of like hives but sometimes re...


Unknown Food Allergy

B.J. asks from Abilene

My daughter is 3 years old and had developed hives and welps all over her torso, arms, legs and behind when she woke up yesterday morning. We immediately went to the ...


Allergy Testing for 13 Month Old

S.T. asks from Columbus

My 13 month old has severe excema on his head and face. At our last doctor visit (last week) my doctor suggested that we get him tested for allergies to see if that ...


13 Month Old Allergic to Sunscreen?

J.C. asks from Jackson

I think my daughter could be allergic to sunscreen and was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem. Recently since the weather has been nice her daycare has be...


Excema = Allergy?

E. asks from Detroit

Does Excema ALWAYS mean there is an allergy? My son is 6 months old and has had bad excema since about 2 months. Under my ped's advice, I use Cortisone and Aquaphor, ...


Allergic Reaction to Yogurt - I Think

K.C. asks from Evansville

Help! I started my 10month old on YoBaby yogurt yesterday. (Super Baby Food Book says you can start at 8mo) He had two messy dirty diapers in the afternoon, and the...