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Child with Allergies to Wheat, Dairy, & Egg

A.S. asks from Grand Rapids

My son is allergic to many food staples (diagnosed 1.5 weeks ago). Since we eat a lot of fresh, live foods, anyway, so far we are not having too much trouble. Howev...


Need Help Finding Non-dairy Birthday "Cake" Ideas

A.A. asks from Chicago

Hi - My son has a milk protein allergy and has been on Neocate and Nutramigen since birth. He is turning 1 in April and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestion...


Would like Help for Son with Eczema Problems

M.A. asks from Cincinnati

My 8 month old son has eczema, and it's all over his back and stomach, and on his face and shoulders, and behind his ears. I put vasoline behind his ears every night...


How to soothe eczema on a 13 months old baby?

P.C. asks from Charlotte

My 13 month old daughter has eczema on the back of one knee and on the tops of both feet near her toes. She is allergic to lanolin so can't use Eucerin cream, etc. ...


Where Can I Buy Rice Milk for My 1 Year Old Daughter?

M.S. asks from Chicago

Hi Mommas! My 14 month old DD seems to not tolerate cow's milk well. She gets terrible rashes on her bottom as well as runny stools. Our pediatrician suggested giving...


Need Dairy-Free Snack Ideas

H.H. asks from Detroit

A child in my son's preschool class has a dairy allergy and all parent provided snacks must be dairy free. They have provided a very small list of dairy-free snacks ...


7 Month Old Not Liking Babyfood

B.V. asks from Chicago

My 7 month old girl does not like to eat the cereal nor gerber. I'm not sure if it is the texture or what but my doctor says that she will eventually come around to ...


Almost 2 Year Old Feeding Problems

D.M. asks from Detroit

my 20 month old is very small. i need him to gain weight but he just does not want to eat any meat or veggies. he is also allergic to eggs milk and cod fish. so i do...


Baking Without Eggs

S.C. asks from New York

Hello Mamas, Long story short, I am on a dairy free, egg free diet so I can breastfeed my daughter who has allergies (BTW, a big thank you to those moms who helped ...


Looking for Foods Soy/dairy Free Birthday Cake

J.S. asks from Cleveland

My 9 month old daughter has an extreme sensitivity to soy and dairy which has been quite challenging for all of us! I really need suggestions for a type of cake can I...